Memories of Dick

Just because you haven’t seen or talked to a friend for 20 years, doesn’t mean they stop being your friend. Dick was a wonderful friend who made me laugh, accepted me, taught me and opened his life to us. I was close to him and his wife, Loretta. My ex-husband and I were going through so much with parents dying, trying to find what we wanted to be when we grew up, we would run away to their home in Victorville and spend sometimes two weeks. I was young and learned how to be a guest and learned a lot about accepting friendships.

dick-brainard-002He died today. My ex called me to tell me. He keeps me up on such things when he knows they really matter to me. Dick had been having a hard time for a few years – on oxygen, heart troubles, it was difficult for him. I’m glad he’s at peace. I’m sad for Loretta who couldn’t be a more loving wife and dear friend.

Dick touched so many lives with his take on life. He got me hooked on CMT in the 90s. We watched Shania Twain and Minnie Pearl together, went to see Merle Haggard at the San Bernardino County Fair. We’ve lounged by the pool in Palm Desert, we’ve been to Las Vegas, Hawaii and Santa Fe together. We’ve camped in the wind at a propane tank park, aka KOA in Beaver, UT a few times. Most of my happy memories during those years include Dick and Loretta. Dick was there for me when my dad, and in-laws died. He supported me as a step parent during those years because he could relate. He got me to eat buffalo, deer and an assortment of fish caught during those trips. We rang in New Years with them several times and so many more memories that are flooding me right now.

Thank you for the memories, Dick. Thank you for the call, Drake. My heart is with you and Loretta at the loss of a dear man.