Prepping to be a great guest on a YouTube Live or Google+ HOA event

As online conferences, panels and events are gaining in popularity, there is a likelihood more of you will be invited. There are some tips you should follow in order to be a great guest. The hosts should send you this type of checklist, but if not, be proactive and go through this list.

  1. Chef Dennis Littly has pounded this gently into my head: If you are going to be in the filmstrip, TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF, let it rest for a few minutes, get coffee and then come back and turn it on. This clears up a lot of clogging, a lot of cookies, scripts, etc. that may hinder your presentation. You may be slow, jerky, may shut off unexpectedly. Now you are ready for the rest of the list.backlit-cleavage-woman
  2. When you are on and in the filmstrip – have your lower third ready BEFORE the event starts. The lower third is found in the left column – Hangout Toolbox.(watch this 1 minute video to see how to create a custom overlay). I can also create them for you in PhotoShop and send it to you. You may also just use text and your name.


    He’s READY for this event!

  3. Be dressed to be seen.. just like a networking event in person. Women check your cleavage, PLEASE.
  4. Close shades behind you to avoid being backlit.
  5. Do you have a light you can put on your face so we can see you? It takes the stress off the camera because it has to work less to see you.
  6. How’s the angle on your monitor – are you tilting up so we can see up your nose and your face looks fat? I suggest that you prop your camera up on SOMETHING stable you want to be a bit higher than your lower third so you aren’t just a head on the bar with your name/logo.
  7. Unplug your phone – turn off the ringers, something to keep you from being distracting.
  8. Close ALL unnecessary programs to keep from taxing your upload speed.
  9. Close all extra browser windows. You only need the Hangout window open if you are in the filmstrip.
  10. Get there early to test for plugins, especially in Hangouts On Air or YouTube LIVE events.We refer to this as “green room” time. Sometimes a host will use unique plugins you will need to install for the event.
  11. Plug your headset in directly to your CPU/laptop – not to just the monitor.
  12. After broadcasting has started, if you have to cough or sneeze, MUTE your microphone.
  13. Mute your microphone when you are not speaking to keep the view from jumping to you if you wiggle, etc.
  14. Watch scratching, picking, roving eyes.
  15. Look at the top of our monitor to make “eye contact” with the audience and smile. You are still part of the show when you are not speaking.
  16. WIRED connection – really. Wireless is NOT the best for headsets, especially if your speakers are too close. Too much buzzing, etc. Too many transition steps to get you heard. WIRED mics and headphones/buds are HIGHLY recommended by the pros.
  17. Minimum 1.5MB upload speed if you want to look decent, with less you may appear choppy and not sync with your audio.
  18. Don’t type if you are not muted. We can all hear you!
  19. Remember to PAUSE to allow others to interject – it’s not a filibuster. 
  20. Have your chat open in case panelists need to tell you something or ask you something that everyone cannot hear or read.

 Thank you for inspiring this post today,  +Ronnie Bincer, +Chef Dennis Littley, +Mia Voss, +Dan McDermott.     I’ll keep this link handy for my guests to review ahead of time.