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Rusty Keys and Old Locks Sending Spam on Your Behalf

Remember when we all started. Some went with Yahoo, some with MSN, some Hotmail and some AOL? Some people are still with these companies, but a lot of us are not and don’t even use these accounts. But, be aware, if you have address books in those old accounts you use for nothing but contest registrations, they can still send spam on your behalf.

Sometimes, your own address book in these systems can betray you and send YOU spam as if it is from your contacts accounts, even though it didn’t come from THEIR system. You actually can SPAM yourself by staying with some of these frequently hacked systems. Home cable, DSL free email accounts are also vulnerable, including Cox, Verizon, AT&T.

What can you do? You’ve heard it before: CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD regularly. Time to grow up your password, too. Some systems limit you to 8-14 characters (bad idea – gives the hacking robots the formula and limitations). Some of you go with the simple “coxpassword123” type of selection. Let’s get creative. What’s your favorite restaurant? Favorite song? Favorite movie? Something NOT related to a security question in your bank accounts.


McDonalds > McD0n@ld’s > Fill3t 0’F1$h-w1th-Sh@Ke!

TopGun >T0p_GuN_R*ckS! > T0m Crui$3_is_SHORT!

You may have to keep a list somewhere to remember these, but you’ll get the hang of it. It’s a pain, but so is spamming those you love and possibly ruining their hard drives with bot emails filled with nasty script links.

I ran through my “junk” email accounts and verified I have NO address books in ANY of them. A friend recently spammed me, I brought it to her attention and she replied that she gets spam all the time from me. I asked her which accounts, she’ll send me the info. She’s on AOL. Kind of think it’s her mail server as only my AOL friends get spam “from me.”

If you are told you sent spam, ask your contact to FORWARD the email to you as an attachment so you can present it to your mail service provider – could be your ISP, could be Gmail, could be your domain mail  service provider such as BlueHost, GoDaddy and the like. Find out. Get to the bottom of it. But if it’s only your @yahoo and @aol friends telling you this, it may be at their end.