Dreaming with Entrepreneurs Interview by David Leopold

I was invited by Small Biz David – David Leopold on his series show, “Dreaming with Entrepreneurs.” We covered a huge amount of topics including: Binky Patrol, SLMA, Jack Perry’s new eBook – Jack, You’re Fired!, Dino Manners, crisis communications plans and training, Digital Learning Day and how to have your kit bag ready to knock em dead on Google+ and YouTube.

David allowed me a visit down memory lane of my antique business (Neon Pig), my art gallery (Christine of Santa Fe at Laguna/Susan Drake Gallery), working for Roberts, Mealer, Emerson and Greg Smith Communications. 

Part of the conversation was how effective Google+ and YouTube can be for you and your strategic partners – whether they are resources your team up with in providing solutions, charities you are committed. Think about what you do. Do you review books and post about them? Why not do book reviews as video – why not invite the author to talk about it? You get more material, they get more material to post to their own site and you get more traffic to your channel and content. It builds your authority.

From this, know that some of my services include creating your graphic kit bag for social media venues, HOA events, YouTube custom thumbnails and templates. I can also work with you privately through sessions to get comfortable speaking on camera to where your sincerity comes through over your nervousness.  

There is no need to panic. We can come up with a plan for you so that you can relax and know you and your clients will be covered. 

Here is a checklist – just starting with Google+ and YouTube that may help you get your rhythm going.

  1. Google+ profile COMPLETELY FILLED OUT AS A PERSON. This includes:
    • Your about tab – BE thorough – be lengthy, be entertaining and genuine.
    • Your banner image – AND a lengthy image description talking about you and what you are about.
    • Professional HEADSHOT How does your headshot look in a circle?
    • Banner for your PROFILE – not the stock image
    • Page for your company filled in all the way.
      1. Logo for the “circle” and add great, lengthy descriptions with each image, banner.
      2. Banner for the company/brand page.
  2. Find some folks before you dive in, read, watch listen – where do you or your client fit in? Create those circles – they can be called anything you want because no one sees the names of the circles you create unless you choose to share the circle with the world:
    • People who make me laugh
    • Potential strategic partners
    • Competitors
    • Industry Movers and Shakers
    • I can learn from these people
    • Media – International
    • Media – Regional
    • Media – Industry Related
  3. Are you or your client comfortable on camera in an interview situation?
    • As the interviewer
    • As the interviewee
  4. How can you build a following? What can you teach? How can you entertain? What would your target audience appreciate watching from you?
  5. Create or have someone help you create your pocketful of standard graphics:
    • “template” type of event banner for Google+ events you may create.
    • First slide for YouTube – can be done in Drive as a presentation with background branded image and then you can edit the text, add guest headshots, logos, etc and save as JPG for your custom thumbnail for each YouTube video you create. It can also be the “trailer” image in the G+ HOA event.
    • Event trailer video to have handy – you can have several that are UNLISTED to toss into an event. I have one for each client that I create HOAs for.
    • Overlay for you and/or your client – that is the graphic that overlays your camera view – the lower third is what it is referred to as. Needs to be TRANSPARENT – PNG is best.
  6. Circles for your events – who attended which in the past? Would they be interested in this next one? If so, send them an email through the event invite.
  7. Don’t forget to add your link to your G+ profile to your own bios on other sites and social media venues. Consider adding to the back of your business cards – all of the ways people can connect with you.