Possessive and Plural are not interchangeable, but you can combine

Realizing that the world, especially the U.S., is getting lax on grammar, spelling, exchanging homonyms and homophones willy-nilly, PLEASE remember, your message still needs to be understood. Do you mean more than one? Do you mean it belongs to one? Do you mean it belongs to more than one?

I see newsletters, articles and proposals go out regularly that have these confused. People are always talking about their clients – more than one client but writing it as “client’s” as in BELONGING to one client.

“I love my client’s.”

This is incomplete. What is it of your client that you love?.. your client’s WHAT? I love my client’s shoes.

I love my clients.

That means I love more than one of my clients – the group of clients – plural. Read through for sense. Look for those random apostrophes that creep into our plurals.