Are Tradeshows and Conferences Dying?

The tradeshow and conference will not die – at least not for a decade or two, but they are being rethought into a more effective virtual environment. This is not a webinar – I’m talking about virtual tradeshow booths, virtual conferences to increase your reach, attendance and evergreen content effectiveness. Increasing your authority, reach and reputation are the actual goals of tradeshows and conferences. It’s really not where you close the deal, with rare exceptions (RV, Boat and Car shows excepting). This is where we develop relationships and build our reputations and that of our companies and products for the long haul. These are platinum opportunities. Let’s rethink it it – instead of building your booth, printing your “stuff”, creating your premiums and gathering buzz before the event through outreach to customers, exhibitors and speakers – let’s add some opportunities:

Online, interactive events through Google+ Hangouts on Air and YouTube Live events.

Did you know people can then attend your event/booth through ANY smart device, including iPhone, Android and tablets from nearly ANYWHERE in the world? They can comment, ask questions, participate in panel discussions and you can record it to repurpose those events for weeks following the event

Supporting, accessible documentation through Google Drive.

Why not offer tutorials and guides to drive home the points of your video events? Take surveys after

This post is a great discussion on this subject. If you are interested in learning more, let me know. I can come on board as a wingman — aka virtual moderator – and help you coordinate the efforts in social media and plan your “booth.”


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