From Lance Fields

It’s about telling people you are a trusted authority.

This goes along with a conversation on a show I was on with Stephan Havnonian recently on Those4Girls.

  • Why is it important to have a presence specifically on G+?
  • What are the most efficient best practices for your Business Page?
  • What resources are out there to help me build a solid reputation on G+?
  • How do I set myself apart from the crowd in a busy, content filled platform?

Stephan and I work in the same arena, different audiences, but similar offerings. He’s an honorable, enjoyable and talented man.
The post/RANT is fantastic, and the engagement in the comments is worthy of a bit of your time, as well. Expand the 38 lines below.

I’m tired of the my client’s audience isn’t on G+ argument
Subtitle: I’ve got 99 problems, but Google+ ain’t one.”