Business Relationships through Video Workshop

It’s not enough to just be online today. To join the movement of online face-to-face marketing, presentations and introductions, you must be prepared to present yourself, your company and your brand! This is where Luke Adams and Susan Finch come in.

Luke Adams has over 15 years experience walking clients through the process of effective digital networking and presentation skills to build their marketing message and brand reputation. Susan Finch is a recognized force on Google+ and YouTube with more than 25 years of experience spanning PR, Marketing and Advertising. Her clients benefit from her knowledge to most effectively present themselves, their passion and their mission online at every opportunity. Susan masterfully weaves these venues and needs together for the most effective presentation in all instances. Through video opportunities, she enables clients to maximize the reach of their content by distributing it through their websites, social media channels, presentations, eBooks, conferences and live tradeshow events.

But all this starts with YOU! You need the confidence to speak on camera, presenting yourself in a way that definitively echoes your brand’s message and mission. Luke Adams is an expert at extracting your truest message and mission in such a way that when you tell people “what you do” they will sit on the edges of their seats to hear more! And that’s the attention you must command to propel your brand and your business forward!

You will leave this highly-charged two-day event with a:

professionally filmed intro video,
script you can use in the venues we’ve mentioned here,
professional headshot to embellish your website, social media channels and even your print collateral.
Coaching will be conducted in small, intimate groups to ensure you get the dedicated attention and time you need. Constructive feedback and adjustments will be suggested so you leave with the best packaged and confident YOU for all opportunities that present themselves, online or in person!