Online Tools of the Week Spotlight: #circloscope, RGB picker and iPadPeek

How does your website look on a handheld device? Tablet wide and narrow views? SmartPhone? Do you realize that 47% or more of folks now search for information from their phone and view those results on their phones? That means your site needs to look good. If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet but want to see what others are seeing, try this:

Not enough time to gather contacts on Google+, create those great circles from interesting folks and potential clients after an event? Look no further than Circlocope! With Circloscope you can: ~ Identify and circle the engagers in your niche ~ Quickly and easily create circles of engagers from any G+ post ~ Create circles from those that engaged with the most recent posts of any Google+ profile ~ Easily create circles of those that have commented on your event, and those that replied Yes, No, or Maybe ~ Know exactly who is following you back and who isn’t. (free version) (full access version) (help) (tutorials) No time to learn it – Lany has you covered: Enter to win a Free Hour Consultation on Circloscope –

Looking to become a GREAT hangout guest – or for any video appearance? Watch Ronnie Bincer’s How Become a Great Hangout or HOA Guest – Google Hangouts Tutorial Hangout Mastery is a GREAT “tool” in the form of a support community. Worth every $ I spend each month! Explore it here and join! $47/month, month to month is OK. Start and stop whenever you want.

Is your website slow but you don’t what part is bogging it down? Try Pingdom:

or from Google:


Ever wonder what all of those colors are that people have in their sites but you can’t describe it more than, “that light green, but not too yellow, and not too bright….” Try this RGB Color picking tool. You’ll get the RGB (red, green, blue) screen formula as well as the HEXDEC number