Recapping a great week!

It’s the little things, along with the large things that touch my life and affect my week. I wanted to recap through gratitude:
Sunday, returning from Cape Lookout, I was filled with gratitude for the amazing weather, considering there was flooding in the neighborhood throughout this week with heavy downpours.

My Monday started out with recording previews for my shows with+Yvonne Heimann for our Geekspeak Guides series and community ( ) We laughed pretty hard – from there we moved into the inaugural show of +Mark H.O.A. Seydel  “Stay Up To Date on Everything HOA”  ( ) to go with his new site: I appreciate that he invited us on for that first show.

I took a walk with +Mark Traphagen and +Ray Hiltz for their Google Authorship HOA – VERY informative. ( ) Loved this history piece from Mark, too. I came back from my walk with a list of homework.

On Wednesday, I caught the replay of another HOA during my walk that gave me MORE homework, primarily making my fonts larger! Thanks for the tune-up, +Ryan Hanley The Secrets of Effective Website Design – focus on WordPress VALUABLE tips for all ( )

I was brought in on some projects with +Larry Fournillier  +Jim Shankle  and +John Ellis – They made me smile and we created some wonderful bundles, then I met +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales in somewhere other than a comment stream.

Possibility Partners Radio Show: Blog talk radio
I’m am SO excited! I’m going to be on with +Ande Lyons on my birthday! Thank you for connecting this week, Ande! You were a highlight of my week! That will be July 17, 9am P/ Noon E. More details to come. We’re going to talk about exciting stuff. Revving up our engines! 

Uh the new +Circloscope launched – it’s been everywhere as has+Christine DeGraff  and +Lany Sullivan talking about it. There are new training videos by Lany to walk you through it, there are a TON of features improved, added and this is an amazing addition to your tools! PLEASE check it out. HOA is here: ( )

We, +Sheryl Loch +Jessica Dewell +Wayne Nix +Lany Sullivan +Mark H.O.A. Seydel  +Tracy Baker +Danielle Miller & +Kirstin Hancock   planned a surprise online birthday party for +Yvonne Heimann because we know how to do this stuff. She was blown away! ( ) it was silly and warmed her heart. LOVE this platform to pull these types of events together.

This is just my Plus gratitude. I had a ton of items I worked on for favorite clients including, +RIO Genesis with Judy Key Johnson ,+Sales Lead Management Association , +Leadspace and more.

Had a FABULOUS show with +Stephan Hovnanian that blew us both away thanks to +Mike Blumenthal as he shared his knowledge and to do list for straightening out your Google Local presence. Replay here ( )

Today I’m helping with an HOA for newbies from my IRL group: Women with Moxie led by +Dill Ward . After that It’s all +Mia Voss WOO HOO with the Mia Connect Power Chat! Can’t wait! Hopefully after that Lany will be here to teach me all of the new tools she’s talked me into learning!

Have a fabulous weekend, all. I know I will with my family and attending my first Bar Mitzvah for a sweet neighbor.

REMEMBER: Keep your eyes open to the SMALL GIFTS you are given each day – something blooming, a call, a smile.