The Mia Connect Power Chat – Design, Graphics & Shiny Images! by Mia Voss

 We definitely got on our learn on with guest panelists Aaron Wood, Jeff Sieh, Ryan J. Rhoades & Susan Finch on this episode of The Mia Connect Power Chat. Topics covered: graphic design, video, marketing, branding, shiny objects & how we can all work together:

Check out the Guest Panel List of Fabulous:

+Jeff Sieh – +His Design  – If you’ve ever seen any of those cool trailer bumpers on #TheManlyShow , then you’ve seen his work! A little more about Jeff: Creative brain for hire • Visual storyteller • Social media consultant • Speaker • Humorist   #Indeed

Susan Finch  – #SusanFinchSolutions   – _Marketing, PR & Web Pro for DECADES! LOVE my clients_  She’s also a “gentle guide for clients trying new venues online” – LOVE this!

Ryan J. Rhoades – CEO & lead graphic artist at Reformation Designs. Ryan and his wife Laura bust out some great work! “We do everything from business cards and posters to abstract art, book covers, infographics and video.”

Aaron Wood  – He designs things. And draws things. He made a pillow with the word “Bacon” on it. And he knits. And he’s currently working on the logo for the +Food & Booze Show!