Feedburner can make your life a whole lot easier!

Feeburner is an under appreciated tool. It goes along with RSS feeds – also under appreciated. This free service from Google can help you aggregate and distribute your content in an efficient manner in more ways than the obvious. It’s not just about asking people to “subscribe to this blog’s feed.”  How else can you use the content from feeds? How about feeds from other sites?

Where can you use the content from these feeds? 
We’ll have a list of ideas you can use Feedburner for – tune in. If you have ideas, share them in the comments. We think you’ll walk away with the wheels turning of how to actually generate revenue with the help of this fantastic tool!

  1. Syndicate your own content on your site or other sites with the DISPLAY HTML.
  2. Gain subscribers through their 2-step opt in form that gets through most mail filters.
  3. Offer your content to other sites – perhaps if you are in a collaborative organization.
  4. Bring in feeds from other sites. Example – a professional group of attorneys wants to bring in headlines from their favorite sources to give their members ONE place to check news – like their own newspaper for their group.
  5. Use it as a sponsor incentive: Create a page on your site for the paid sponsorship, bring in THEIR feed, add subscribe form or not, add in their “about the company” information, company logo that has ad tracking for views and clicks to show value.
  6. Then, use a great tool like IFTTT.com (if this, then that) to grab that same feed and push to your Twitter channel with custom hashtags related to that specific feed and keywords, company. This adds further value to the sponsorship, without any work by you beyond the initial set up. It also gives the company credibility as YOU are sharing their news rather than their pushing “look at us, look at us!” news. This can be taken much deeper, but Twitter is enough for you to start with.
  7. Use it for your podcast channel on what is listed in iTunes since Feedburner allows you to edit the feed source. You won’t lose subscribers on iTunes because the Feedburner URL to your feed remains constant.

ENJOY them, use them. Get help if you get stuck. Also, know that you can customize the style of the displayed headlines and abstracts, control how many display, how many words in the abstract and more with some tweaking and CSS work. Ask for help if you need it.  This was a fun show to watch. There are screen shares you may find helpful, too.