Why convert your audio podcast to video and visa versa?

So you made a video show or tip or guide, but you want to turn it into a podcast. You can do that as a video – depending on your hosting account set up for your podcast station, or you can convert it to audio.
Which is a reminder, that not everyone sits watching you like they would The Voice. They may just want to listen. Don’t rely on screen shares and visuals if you want your content to be more versatile.

But what if you were a guest on a radio show and want to turn that content into video for YouTube? There are simple steps, including making sure you have permission from the original source to re-purpose the content. We will cover steps and ideas of how to best turn your content around to give you more options to get it out there.

You can capture new audiences by reposting your podcasts to other venues such as your website, promote in your newsletter with a screenshot linked to the post or video, uploading to push to iTunes, Stitcher and more. You may even want to upload an audio version and a lower res video version since most watching from those venues are on handheld devices.