Stop sending newsletters, send an email instead.

Email marketing campaigns start before you select your system of choice. Some of you don’t have a choice as you must use your CRM. Before you pull the trigger, make sure you have some basic drip pieces in place. It’s not about sending NEWSLETTERS. No one needs more newsletters. Think about these as sharing tips and items of interest with your contacts based on their interest and needs, rather than looking at it as a way to quickly cram your wares down their inbox. Wouldn’t it be great if the 2000 on your list each shared your helpful, well-written, concise email with 2 folks, and at least one of those also gave your their email because they love the offer you give them if they “subscribe?”
06:05 First things first – We asked Ely what he recommended before you even select which system may fit you best.
06:37 Put together some type of freebie that you can give to those who take action.
07:13 Freebies come in handy as a conversation starter.
07:50 Write 3 simple emails – no more than 10 lines each to get this started.
08:00 Some reason for people to GIVE you their email address.
08:35 Nobody wants another newsletter!
08:45 Yvi tips us to for those who have OVERSUBSCRIBED.
09:10 No one is going to your site to say, “Oh YAY! I want ANOTHER newsletter!”
09:33 What stops folks in getting started is the overwhelm to create NEWSLETTERS. Stop it. WRITE 3 emails 10 lines or fewer with a link to a “gift.”
10:30 There is no one correct call-to-action from your emails. Some may want a newsletter list, some may want people to subscribe to their YouTube channel.
11:10 Gating the checklist until they subscribe is a common tactic.
12:10 Nobody wants another newsletter!
12:24 ONE topic per email.
14:15 It’s a TIP H/T to Renee Christine and her great emails.
14:45 H/T to Dan Kennedy and his style of newsletter.
15:50 Fast Food mentality, Microwave compatible.
17:34 Started to talk about drip systems. 
18:25 What is drip system – Yvi prompted Ely to explain. GREAT explanation and examples given.
19:45 You can have multiple campaigns if you set up in a more elaborate system beyond MailChimp and Constant Contact.
21:00 Recap of the show and the two extremes.
21:50 Need the content to back up your emails. You want to drive them BACK to your site.
23:30 Open a conversation rather than just sending the email. Ask an OPEN ENDED question, ask for their opinion.
26:12 Yvi reminds us to provide a VALUE and not just shoving your wares at them.
26:20 The Marketing Booty Call
27:00 The wrap up and the checklist link.
Drip systems should be evergreen content. Revisit your drip messages and auto-responders. Are they still current? Do the links still work?
Link to the checklist gift from Ely, Susan & Yvi to help you get started before you spend too much time in the WRONG email marketing system for your company.
Guest Panelist: 
Ely Delaney is the Co Founder, Dean and Lead Trainer at Your Marketing University, a marketing education company designed specifically to help teach motivated entrepreneurs and business professionals how to take control of their marketing, online and offline. Ely has been in the marketing and multimedia design world since 1996 and is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their marketing goals without the need for expensive advertising agencies.
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