Google Analytics Tip: Annotations to leave a trail of changes.

This is one of the most helpful tips in Google Analytics and it’s not hard to do. Just a couple of clicks and a tweet length description and you’re done.

ANNOTATIONS in Google Analtyics as shown by David Kutcher of Confluent Forms, can allow you to leave a trail of what you did to your site, domain, sitemap, ad campaigns and more that may affect traffic and journeys through your website. 

An example of an annotation on a specific day may be:
Sent out email campaign to 8,000 people to promote XX feature at this page XX. 
Changed domain records and let domain expire as we didn’t use it for anything.
Thinned out home page to be 2mb and 1.41 seconds download down from 10mb and 14 seconds download.

Here’s the thing, if you have many people making changes on your site, creating marketing initiatives, running campaigns, Facebook, Twitter and other paid programs – they all need to make annotations. You need to INVITE them to have access to analytics and to be able to make notes. You don’t have to allow them to manage users, but they need to be able to make notes. It needs to be ALL of the responsibility, including developers who work on roll-outs of new features, bug fixes – to go in and make a note of it so you can understand why there has been a surge or decline in traffic.