Why Google reminds me of the government more each day.

Ah, there is time to write this because Google Drive is having SERVER issues and we’re all supposed to “try back later.” I’m surprised I’m not getting a busy signal. 

A busy signal for you younger people is what you would hear – a repetitive, short burst buzzing to let you know the person you were trying to DIAL on the phone was already on a call and to try back later. Call waiting eliminated that from happening as often. Voicemail has pretty much eliminated it all the way.

Back to Google and it’s mutation into the government. For those that use these wonderful free tools all day long, you may notice more than the occasional user. Have you noticed that when an update, change or feature ‘enhancement’ is rolled out – it’s more like thrown against the wall to see what will happen?  I’ve seen this with software developers over the years too. Ask them for new features and they’ll add them in, but they don’t test to see if it works, and if it affects anything else that was working perfectly before the “improvement.” It’s quite annoying to hire someone, be assured it’s working, and then discover something else that has broken as a result AND you discover, the new feature doesn’t work all the way. Good thing you didn’t take their word and present to the client without testing it yourself, right?

sc-feedbackassistanceIt seems to be the crowd-sourcing beta-tester mentality. Toss it out, if it breaks something, users will tell us, then we can do it faster and don’t have to pay anyone to help us. There is no thought as to how it can slow down thousands of businesses with one simple change. They get their ad money regardless and spend it, and regardless of how others are affected by their programming whims. Google takes feedback more seriously from their deemed “power users” and inner circle of users who are willing to test this all without compensation for their true, useful, real-life instances testing and feedback, including screenshots, video recaps, links and more.

Did you know what if you right click in anything Google – in an open area – you are given the option to give feedback? The upper COGS usually have this under their drop menu, as well. This allows you to tell them your story. But make it count and take the time to really tell the story. Just saying, “It’s broken” won’t help anyone. This video from Geekspeak Guides inaugural show may help you get help faster.