Have a working contact page on your site and blog

Rant time: I received a Google alert that made me click out of curiosity.Well, I’m a Susan Finch, I’m a blogger – this made me click. When I did, there was a link to this other Susan Finch’s site.


She has a contact page. BUT her complete email address nor a form are there “contact me at bysusanfinch(dot)com” is all it said. It was confusing. Twitter feed/link not displaying. No way to reach her to connect. OK for now. I’m guessing at her email address and writing to her. I’m hoping to help her see that as a copywriter, it would be really helpful for people to reach her.

I went back to the linked alert post on the tech blog to inquire as to how to reach her. No contact info. No about us, nothing to connect other then commenting on posts via Disqus or tweeting to the site owner via a widget. Here’s what happens, there is nothing to lend credibility to the authors or the blog. It feels like a scraper site, but probably isn’t. They seem to like to support their contributors, but they can only link to their sites. Then, it’s up to the authors to continue building credibility. 

If you have hours of operation and people need to find you, if you are a church – PUT YOUR SERVICE TIMES ON EVERY PAGE! LINK to a MAP so people can get to you. MAKE SURE IT IS MOBILE FRIENDLY!

Geekspeak Guides Replay:

FOLKS! Where’s your damn contact info?

It was a show we did on Geekspeak Guides a long time ago. MAKE IT EASY for us find you. Add ABOUT US, ABOUT OUR COMPANY – something to tell your story. I won’t subscribe or comment until I understand that you are a legitimate source of information. If you do not want people to reach you and your site is only for generating advertising $$, then so be it. I won’t e sharing or commenting and definitely NOT subscribing.