Social Media professionals can only do so much, you have to be better!

Most of us were taught good manners. Of that group, some still use them. It doesn’t stop when we are online, though. There are some basic TACTics you need to be aware of, habits to lose and learn when to NOT hit send.

Zara Altair had me on as a guest on her Midweek Zap show. Usually she covers a lot of tech tips and tools. She interviews some wonderfully informative guests. She invited me and I was happy to accept her invitation on the spot. We brainstormed on topics. I wanted to cover something that I don’t usually cover in Geekspeak Guides, and her guests don’t cover, and something that is a bugaboo with me. I feel that online manners are tremendously important, including not abusing your contact list, your friends’ walls and more.

This stretches to reputation management and customer services. Who is the face of Who picks up the phone? Do they understand your company culture? What are their social media posts like? Are they helping you manage the one for your company? Can they spell? Are they discreet, respectful, logical? Just because they have downtime, doesn’t mean they should be the ones posting. You are essentially giving them the promotion to VP of Marketing or Marketing Director when you give them the keys and power of your company’s social media face.

If you are able to hire people to monitor your online reputation, craft thoughtful, courteous responses, you have to carry through that tone every day on the phone and in person with your business. People can help you in social media all they want, clean up your reputation, but if you continue to undo their good work with your crappy, rude attitude, your money spent with them is for naught.

This show actually dove deeper into being a positive force online to encourage others to behave better or see the best in themselves. Rewarding the mediocre and positive with a comment, smile, recognition perpetuates better behavior. Not unlike bratty children. If they only way Mom & Dad pay attention is when they misbehave, then that’s what you get. Reward them when they are thoughtful, kind, patient.