Selecting your audience for podcast, blab, scope, ads, posts is the first step.



VISUAL marketing is HUGE. We have the attention span of fruit flies and need to quickly state our message to our ideal client. This may mean that we don’t appeal to everyone. There is nothing wrong with TARGET marketing. I highly recommend not casting that wide net and dragging in old shoes. You need to decide or identify your ideal client. No, even if you sell water, everyone is NOT your ideal client. Look at who currently buys from you, or your competitor if you are new. Is this a good match for you and your product or service? If not, you may need to get back in touch with who your future ideal client is, not the clients you have that will not purchase again, have outgrown you, or no longer have a love for what you are offering. Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What age is your ideal client? Is it the same for all of your services or products?
  • Where do they live? Not just regionally, but city, rural, suburbs? These are different points of conversation.
  • Kids, no kids, married, divorced
  • Ethnicity – if there is any difference.
  • What about earning level?
  • What lifestyle such as: travelers, outdoor types, light computer users, book buyers, television watchers, Hulu/Netflix oriented instead of cable?
  • What level are the ones who will influence purchase? Management, support staff, sales staff, marketing, C-level, solopreneurs, part-time business owners, hobby businesses? MLM/Direct Sales folks?

Some of these questions, you know what you SHOULD say, but quietly answer to yourself the REAL truthful answers. We can’t all relate to every person in the world. Some are a better match for us and more apt to trust us. That’s human nature.

Then, you need to learn more about them to be where they are online and in person, at home – what do they do to obtain information? Consider the answers to these questions:

  • What social media venue do they use the most?
  • Are they mobile or at a desk top most often when they are considering or open to a product like yours?
  • Do they have their speakers on? Can they have their speakers on or earbuds to hear your message?
  • What is their download speed? Rural with dial up – yes a lot of the world still has to rely on dial-up service. Mobile only, high-speed internet through cable or DSL?
  • Mac or PC or does it matter?
  • Health nuts, foodies, geeks, heavy drinkers, partiers, religious? If it’s all these, you have to carefully craft your messages. Bad puns help. 
  • Are they open to your message in the morning, afternoon, evenings, weekends only? Some people cannot do any personal surfing, listening during the work day.
  • Do they have any charities near and dear to their hearts?
  • Do they attend trade conferences and events?
  • Do they attend online webinars?
  • Do they read email newsletters/marketing and product tips?
  • Newspaper or magazine subscribers? Print or online only? 
  • Book readers? Kindle/Amazon only or printed books, too?

Knowing all of these answers allows you to focus to connect with them and to have conversation starters. Think of a networking event or cocktail party. It’s not just about PITCHING your wares, it’s about getting to know them – LISTENING to them 100% focused, finding common ground and talk about that – and then building the relationship.

Do this through images, lists, events and more . I also do it through sharing their great content. It’s truly OK to not always talk about you and look for how others can promote you. When you know your target client and how to reach them, you are able to create more thoughtful, informative, entertaining content that they can relate to. They may even look forward to receiving EMAILS from you, posts from you in their favorite venues and then they will be apt to share it out. Let me know if you need help with any of this process or tasks.