Apple Podcasts: getting subscribers and reviews.

fbs-itunes-desktop-screenshotSometimes it’s as easy as asking them to subscribe and review to your podcast channel – video and audio. But sometimes it’s more difficult to help them find you. iTunes is used by a huge amount of people, but finding a podcast and subscribing can be difficult. You have the desktop version and the phone version, and the tablet version. Walk them through the steps. A link will be enough for a lot of them, but some will need you to take them each step to first search for your show, then subscribe to it and finally review and rate it. This makes a good email communication, drip campaign post. You can take your own screenshots from your phone of the process and then email yourself the graphics to create a post. It’s worth it!

write-review-and-starsOne of the biggest things to ask them for is that REVIEW and STAR rating and then finally, ask them to SHARE it with others.

The graphic above is one example of the path. 3 steps with the bonus 4 is ideal. Don’t make it hard.

Show them the channel, let them know what the show is about and WHY they should subscribe on all devices. Create a page with all the ways to subscribe so they don’t miss an episode. This is your reminder to format and reuse your content 7 ways every time! You took the time to create it, get people looking for you, subscribing and sharing!wearewhereyouare

What do your channel landing pages look like in these venues? Don’t forget to fill in all the graphic and text blanks. Sites like Libsyn are notoriously UGLY – U G L Y. Do your best. Ideally, have a landing page on your own site that you control and can dress up and then give them apps where they can find you and subscribe.