What I learned about CPanel mail and Managed WordPress Today

An exciting day for my client: BellaViaVenue.com in Sherwood, OR. She took her site from something not mobile friendly, not easy to edit, configure and change up to a beautiful Avada themed site. We spent some of her budget on training and learning tools. She is now able to take care of 90% of her website without ever contacting me. She’s so excited to have that control and freedom. During this transition, we ran into a hiccup. 

This is a managed WordPress site on GoDaddy – through my reseller account. That’s fine and lovely. A few clicks and we migrated her existing site to use as our base, implemented the new theme and then formatted the content. We tested the contact form from the temporary domain – it worked PERFECTLY – but not as well as we thought. She received the email, so we thought all was well. Here’s the hitch: Her old site is hosted with a company that uses a cpanel set up. Mail, hosting, domain all in cpanel with a clunky webmail client off cpanel. 

This wasn’t noticeable until we flipped the switch to the new site hosting somewhere else. The domain record IP changed. This affected the way the mail was configured in the cpanel. She was no longer able to receive her mail. The mail. record in the DNS was pointing to the domain. No bueno since that now pointed to the new server that does NOT have her mail.  

I discovered at this point that there wasn’t an existing MX record for the domain telling it where to find the mail. record. I added in the mx record in the cpanel area: mail > mx entry to point to mail. in the advanced DNS settings. THAT mail. record needed to point to the hosting ip for the cpanel. She used to access her webmail through a domain/webmail link. That also no longer worked because the site wasn’t hosted there. She had to CHANGE the incoming server for her mail on her phone to mail. instead of www. Then we had to WAIT. I hate waiting. But we did and suddenly the mail showed up.

On her website, we had toyed with an smtp plugin as a workaround for the cpanel vs. managed WP hosting battle between hosting companies. It works with and without it. We are going without to keep plugins to a minimum on the site.

I wanted to share this. Both companies had GREAT support on the phone and patience to wait with me as things propagated through. Canvasdreams.com in the Pacific Northwest and SecureServer.net aka GoDaddy resellers were terrific and stuck with me without any finger pointing – they both wanted to get it solved. I thank both companies.