Learn from Ted Cruz’s mistake: Get yourname.com

It may be too late for you, even with your middle initial, but what about the new baby in the family? The graduate? It’s that time of year. Show them you believe in their future by purchasing their domain for 1-10 years, then make their parent or make them the owner of it. What a gift!

It’s easy – try their name first – firstlast.com. CHECK THE SPELLING. If it’s a new baby, make sure it’s OFFICIAL – sometimes names change as they are coming out of the chute. If it’s a graduate, find out their formal name and common name – perhaps one is available. You may have to add a middle initial.

Ted Cruz was a dope and didn’t buy his own name years ago. DUH!  B.L. Ochamn recently wrote an article for AdAge that spoke to one of my favorite rants. ANYONE that is OUT THERE – politics, celebrities including authors, should ALWAYS buy theirname.com as soon as possible. If for no other reason than to prevent posers and gadflies from getting it.

I like how godaddy handles domains. You can get it from my site with them or your own favorite domain registrar. Make sure you can EASILY transfer it. Some domain registration companies make you jump through a lot of hoops to transfer domains to another account.