LinkedIn: do SOMETHING a few times a month.

I was surprised by the number of profiles I checked recently on LinkedIn – people I respect, or who have big followings. I wanted to see what they were posting, sharing, and commenting on. What I found is a lot in INACTIVITY. Even with a paid, premium account, no user activity in 2 weeks.  Throwing stones on this topic is not wise for me. I go through big lulls. This was my wake-up call, so I thought I’d share it with you.

SHARE other people’s posts, comment 80% of the time. Share your own post or company info 20% of the time. Now, you have to figure out how much time you want to devote to LinkedIn interactions. Most people on LinkedIn request or accept, or deny connection requests. Then, they forget to follow up. I don’t mean auto responder types of “thanks for the connection, you should check out my hashbrowns. They are tasty!” annoyances. I mean reading their posts, recent activity or sharing something with them you thought they’d find helpful. This is not pitch time.

But you don’t want someone to check you out and see that you’ve had NO activity – this includes shares and comments – for over two weeks. Good gravy. If you are paying for your account, wouldn’t you want to take advantage? If you are NOT paying for your account, wouldn’t you want to show you are current on topics, know how to thoughtfully engage, listen and be of value? Think about it. Then, add it to your tasks for the week if you have to. 2-5 times per week – post, share or comment on LinkedIn. It will get easier.