When I'm a podcast host - what my desktop looks like.

The right host can make or break your podcast

You don’t have to do it all, but if you do, “SMILE when you say that…” Your warmth carries through, as do your distractions. If you are hosting a podcast – video or audio, remember to turn off ringers, distractions and have your notes handy. The mute button can be your friend or foe if you forget to turn it off or back on. Keyboards can be heard and they are annoying. Have a quiet environment.

I broadcast from my home studio, which means I can be subject to the doorbell, then the dog barking, the bird chirping, people banging around in my house. It starts with a sign outside letting couriers know to leave it at the door and to NOT come to my door no matter what. Next, I turn all ringers, notifications and bing-bongs off. This also keeps me focused on my guest.

I’m assuming you’ve all done the research on your guest or your host, if you are a guest, to know their style, what their company is about, their role and message, hot buttons and more. Prep your questions. If you are kind, you’ll give them a hint as to what you’ll be asking. Spontaneous is good, but valuable content that can be shared is more important to the legs and longevity of your podcast content.

I close EVERYTHING down on my monitors, have the questions large enough I’m not struggling, intro and then I remember to SMILE and to be animated. It comes across. If you are enthused and even EXCITED to have your guest on, others will be excited to listen.