Hide seasonable content using commenting in the code.

A simple way to hide content in case you need it again later.

Here’s an idea to tuck away seasonal content. In this article about advertising promotional products, some of the items in a heavily visited page are very seasonal.

Here’s how you do it in the TEXT or CODE/HTML view – add a “comment” around what you want to hide for now and show later:

<!– is the beginning of the part you want to hide.

–> is how you end the part you are hiding. You may have to do this a couple of times in the same area because there are already comments in there that you still need. 

When you want to bring it back – remove the <!– and some note you wrote to yourself: *Bring this back in Sept…. and remember to remove the –> – or you can simply move those items around the next part you want to hide for now.

<!– *BRING THIS BACK IN SEPTEMBER EACH YEAR – SF Styles include Wallet, Appointment, Year-At-A-Glance, Desk, Magnetic, Wall, Pocket and Custom. <a href=”http://lynmar.com/shop/calendars_house.htm”>Real Estate</a>&nbsp;Magnetic Peel Off Calendar,<a href=”http://lynmar.com/shop/calendars_magnetic.htm”>Magnetic Business Card Calendars</a>, Jumbo Magnetic Calendar 4 x 6, Full Color Wallet Card – Calendar.&nbsp;I also like the cube designs and doodle pad types. I’m forever scribbling on calendars while on hold. One of our newer designs is a&nbsp;<a href=”http://lynmar.com/shop/calendars_monitor.htm”>calendar strip</a>. It’s&nbsp;designed to fit LCD monitors with a bezel as thin as 3/4″.–>