Check your site menu on mobile devices.

We spend a lot of time organizing our content to give a logical flow, the “and then” part of our marketing story and journey. I’ve seen a lot of sites where they use the “#” method for top level nav and rely on all subnav to specifically guide people. BAD idea. In many cases people who view your site on a mobile device miss out on the benefit of submenu drop downs, so they are left with a link that goes to nothing. OR, your link doesn’t really go to something relevant to those who visit your site on a mobile device.

Think of the mobile version of your site as the essentials. This is the place for quick push, quick sell, quick answers, quick credibility and contact.

As the fires rage in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon, I wanted to find a way to support local businesses affected. This was a spontaneous thought, so I was sitting in the living room and searched for the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce in the area. Site came up, mobile friendly, yay. BUT, when I clicked on the “members” link I was taken to a page of member benefits rather than a directory of members. I checked their website from my desktop and there is a drop-down menu with the directory. No one tested the experience as a VISITOR from a mobile device, so they didn’t think much about it at the time. I had a delightful brainstorming session with the new chamber director. We talked about the importance of that top level nav as an abbreviated TOP 5 LIST menu, as well as adding a subscription form for those of us out of the area. I had no idea there is an arts festival later this month. We are only an hour away, I’d love to do my early holiday shopping there. She’ll be adding in that subscription form next week!

Remember to think about how people use your site from a desktop AND from a mobile device. Directions, contact, click to dial phone number, directory – these are what people want fast and easy with tiny keypads.

Ask someone NOT in your organization. Send a survey to your customers to ask what they’d want quick access to – staff directory, map, events with easy ways to share? They’ll appreciate that you asked and it gives you a soft excuse to contact them asking them for their valuable feedback.

The chamber is also prepping a member survey (a result of our brainstorm session) to ask members who is open, their FB page link, their Twitter handle and website to have in one table they can easily share out to remind people to support their local community and businesses by doing business with their members.