9 Tips: Local exposure can build a loyal client base.

How many opportunities are there for you to expose your company, products and services to a local audience? Think about all of the schools, local theaters and more that would greatly benefit from a small contribution through a display ad in their programs, on their websites and more? If it’s a seasonal sport and the attendees fit into your ideal client group, or may refer you to your target audience, why not help out? Think about back cover ads for programs, full page is better if you can afford it. What about asking if there is a way to contribute a bit more for a facing page or to be next to the schedule?

Tips for local/community print ads:

  1. Have a professional lay it out for you. You do this to ensure it is high enough resolutions for a crisp display. This is also for tone and message. ONE message. ONE call to action. Be careful of the bad puns, borrowed interest and trite messages. “We are the best!” Really? So glad you told me.
  2. Get the specifications from the company putting it together to ensure you take advantage of bleeds and give them the correct size the first time. You don’t want them resizing, squeezing or cropping your ad.
  3. For print, make sure the entire document is in CMYK format for color accuracy. You may have to convert some of the elements. This is where having a few versions of your logo is very handy: RGB for online, CMYK HIGH resolution for print. Ask your graphic designer to give you a package of all sizes and options, if they haven’t already.
  4. Have a CALL TO ACTION in the ad – something to make them go to your site to learn more. Solve a problem, feed their ego, give them a deal – SOMETHING to make them go through the trouble to go to your site.
  5. PROOF IT and PROOF IT AGAIN. Give it a day and open it with fresh eyes. Read it out loud slowly. Call the phone numbers to make sure they work. Check the email listed.
  6. Create a SHORT link for print campaigns. Secure a short URL to make it easy to include in the ad, easy to say, easy to type from a phone or keyboard.
  7. Add analytics to that short URL that links to a landing page so you can see how successful your campaign is.
  8. If you have ONE URL for print, but many campaigns you want to track separately, add a /bhs17 /cplays17, or a subdomain: bhs17.ppgvip. info etc. to the end and have THOSE go to your SQUEEZE or landing page.
  9. When you create a landing page it needs to support the ad and have a way to collect their info for follow up: Schedule your home valuation with Wade & Lori. ( http://ppgvip.info ) then follow up immediately. These are not just warm leads, but hot leads. If it’s for a local playhouse program, be sure to ask them what play they saw and how they liked it. Engage them as if you were there with them. A sport program, same thing – which game, know the team’s record when you reach out. Be a part of their community! You may find you have more in common with these prospects than you realized.

Need help with any element of this list? Let me know. I enjoy creating ads, clients love my ads and can help you with the messaging, landing page and follow up.

Let’s pump up your exposure!