When “Save as” is a BAD idea

The FOIBLES of “save-as”.
We highly recommend using a MASTER TEMPLATE for your “content worth repeating” for newsletters, emails, proposals, videos, to help avoid mixed up links, double tracking, embarrassing moments and costly sloppiness:

  1. If you use MailChimp, Constant Contact, Get Response or other email marketing and CRM tools, be sure to keep one or more master templates for each use or format with the most current changes. THEN, do a save as a variation from the ORIGINAL template, not the previous issue.
  2. If you create proposals, press releases, charts regularly, create templates. CHECK THE META data and properties to avoid mentioning another company, author, rates, dates.
  3. In your template make the areas you need to change each time STAND OUT so you can’t miss them. This includes the areas for rates, team members who will work on the project and more.
  4. Ask an “outsider” to view your new document before you send – especially if you are hoping for a signature on a contract. One bit of sloppiness can cost you a bundle!
  5. Reminder with videos and images – with each “save as” there is a tiny bit of data left behind each time and over time the crispness and clarity will degrade. This is much like the old “ditto” and photocopied forms that all departments continued to make a copy of and then a copy of that copy, etc. Hard to read over time.
  6. Be careful when repurposing web content. This is not only for sloppiness, but for the search engines to like you. If you include images and links to and from other sites, you may not be happy when they rearrange things and your links no longer work and images disappear. You also may not have the rights to use their images on your site, even though you link back to them.
  7. Be careful when you are lazy sharing content without personalizing it. You will get dinged in search if you simply copy/paste headline, article, verbatim. Change it up! Why are you sharing it? Put your spin on the headline and the first paragraph or two – or ALL of the content and then be courteous enough to link back to the original source.

QUICK TIP: Did you know you can speed up languid talkers (slow talkers) on YouTube? Mouseover the video, you’ll see the COG to the right. Settings – speed – try it at 1.5, 2.0 – it can be quite funny. I’m a fan of the Chip and Dale as well as the Goofy Gophers. 2.0 is a bit fast for my own videos, but I can still be understood at 1.5. Saves time when you are learning something new, but need it to move along.