Back Branding to New Branding

Are you changing some of your branding? For a podcast, a series, or any of the other thousand ways we use branding?

If yes, you need to decide if you want to go back to old episodes and BACK BRAND with the new branding to make it all look current. We can tend to go nutso and redo all of our old videos with replacements. Be careful of this desire, you’ll lose a lot of great SEO value and interaction if you do!

Not to mention, if you embed those anywhere, you have to update them EVERYWHERE. In you’re rebranding phases, don’t forget about all of the amazing platforms we use to help promote our passions. Rebranding is needed in our drip campaigns, social media graphics added to our posts through plugins, featured images and custom thumbnail images on videos.

You can also take advantage of your knowledge of traffic to certain posts and videos and consider an updated version of the post or video with the new branding, new title, new description to be more current. If you publish on iTunes, after a while, the old episodes don’t show. Bringing back popular ones with a new spin, emphasis and your new branding can serve you well.

If you run drip campaigns, you will need to update the branding. Go back through the entire list of drips from the Day 0, subscription confirmation email and all to make sure they are CURRENT with your current branding. Tune up the text while you’re in there in case it doesn’t match your new branding and message.