April 22, 2020: DMAnc Event. 2 hour course to teach you how to produce a podcast - the nuts and bolts and logic..
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This course helps you avoid pitfalls that other courses don’t teach you. You’ll master how to choose your host and guests so your listeners will want to share episodes and talk about the value your company provides, determine the best venue to host your podcast, the logic to setting up systems that work for everyone, as well as how to submit to all podcast services. As a bonus, at the end of this course, you’ll be able to download checklists and a set of templates for typical podcast graphics, social media sharing, service icons and more.

Voiceover Work

HUD instructions from Audubon Realty.I appreciate every project we are given. Some, like this, are a bit of a challenge and a joy to complete! A few clients of mine are HUD authorized in their real estate market. This requires that they have public education materials on their sites. This 96 slide presentation needed to be read verbatim, with a spike or two to make sure everyone was awake. It was accompanied by a branded version of all HUD instructions for buyers and agents, custom graphics and screenshots and more.

The client was very pleased and it gave him a leg up over the competition. It’s a 25-minute straight read. Took some practice versions, but it was worth it.