Volunteers are lovely, but…

Schools, churches, non-profits, sports teams all rely on volunteers to make the magic happen. This is good to a point, but when it comes to being the online spokesperson for your group, team, organization sometimes an “as it fits their schedule” volunteer isn’t good enough. It’s so tempting to delegate and just consider it “done” once you allow someone else to take a task. This isn’t always the best solution. There’s hands-on, hands-off and blinders-on.

It doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful, but they may need more guidance and reviews from time to time. It may also require that you take control of this within your organization to ensure the message isn’t biased by their personal skew on things, misspelled, ill-timed. Sometimes you need help getting all of this in place and reviewing what exists.

We know that budgets for these types of organizations are tight. Deciding to invest in a one-time setup and assistance with the creation of a manual with guidelines can be a good use of your money. Then, you can send them the link, they can review, ask questions and be back to helping you. We strongly suggest that you review their posts once a month or more, subscribe to all notifications of new posts, Google Alerts for mentions of your team, brand, hashtag. You will want to ensure that you are the owner of these profiles and invite them to be contributors or authors.

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You may have other ideas, but this will get us started.