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"Interesting and consistently informative workshop with a great host, Susan Finch. Extremely happy to have made the time to listen in, and am definitely thinking about getting into future workshops as well as looking into Susan’s work!" Nicolai - Switzerland

Cold Frame Farms – same name, next phase.

Cold Frame Farms has a great reputation as a cannabis grower. Cold Frame Farms is an Oregon ownership cannabis producer with a focus on high-quality production of the best strains available to the discerning cannabis aficionado.

They are ready to increase their market share and want to be around a long time. I helped them create new branding that was easier to read, a bit more current for an industry that is slowly gaining more respect.

Here was their old logo. We created the new branding package for the website, business cards, labels, signage, hats, shirts – you name it! They want their logo on it. They still wanted a fresh look, but something that had a stand-along mark that could be used on embroidered hats, and that with added exposure would be recognizable on its own.

Cold Frame Farms old branding