There are so many generative AI tools to choose from at any moment. New ones launch, others become distasteful. We have been tasting testing them for years. With the glut of new tools launching each month, it’s hard to learn them all and test them out.

We’ve done it for you.

Register for this tutorial/workshop exclusively for NRBA members who are ready to be efficient and effective with their video content to get the maximum reach from it, without creating content no one will want to consume.

Photo by Taryn Elliott:

DESCRIPT: For recording, editing, transcripts, captions.

In the past we’ve needed several tools to accomplish what DESCRIPT does for a low monthly price. You can create templates for your brand in any format, record in the projects using your mic and camera, generate the transcript, review and edit, and then publish and download all the pieces. You are also able to bring in video content you’ve created in the field.

CLAUDE.AI Generating outlines, posts, recaps, creating thoughtful questions.

Learning how to write prompts to address your specific audience takes practice. After testing several generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper, Bard, BinkAI, and Microsoft’s Copilot, I’ve found as of 3/28/2024 that the best at interpreting my prompts is the paid version of from Amorphic. We will walk through prompts specifically to help you enhance your existing copy to better suit where you want to go, create video outlines and scripts, presentations, as well as post copy using best practices and hash tags. We’ll also go through ways to bring in the transcript you generated in Descript to make the most out of your video content.

OPUS CLIP: for multi-format reels and quick clips

It’s quick, it’s relatively inexpensive, but you need to set it up with your templates ahead of time. You need to feed it a clear video. Opus does a better job generating the captions than Descript, but it’s not great at automatically selecting your clips, even when you add in keywords to prompt it. Better to mark up the transcript from Descript to actually select the clips you want to use and create FEWER, more relevant, proofed clips. We will go through the template creation process, edit clips that are automatically generated, and select specific cuts from your full video.

There are a few steps below to help you gain the most from this exclusive workshop.
Let Susan know if you have any questions.



Select a short script, audio/video clip, or project idea you’d like us to work on during the workshop. This will help you see how to work with relevant content.


  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection
  • Test your audio and video settings to ensure smooth participation
  • Install any necessary updates or plugins for your browser


  • Jot down any specific questions or challenges you face in your content creation process
  • This workshop is an opportunity to get targeted advice and support


After the workshop, you will be given a replay of this session. You will also receive a copy of the presentation. Please share it with the team members who are helping you. If you don’t have help and are doing it yourself, consider getting help setting up templates that you can go in and use regularly.