Let us help your office.

  • $1850/month includes social post crafting and images for up to 4 social channels.
  • 4 posts with graphics or images – can be split between 4 agents – each of you gets one per month.
  • 1 company per seat/state. First come, first secured.
  • More than one “seat” can be purchased if you are licensed in more than one state.
  • Brokers, great idea for your agents to share this or as an added incentive for signing with your firm.
  • Billing is done a month in advance.
  • Each post customized to the local market:
    • Bringing in local businesses, events, nuances, laws, and more.
    • The unique headline and opening paragraphs, the rest reworked to be unique to each.
    • SEO done for each post.
    • Unique image for each to go with the market/state.

Waiting list will be maintained.

You can split a seat with another firm in your state, but one of you needs to be responsible for the full payment in advance each month. and each enjoys 2 posts per month.

If you are able to secure your state market, we’ll send you an invoice with payment due in advance of the posts. May posts would be due and PIF the first week in April. We always start at the first week of the month. If you sign up mid-month, we’d bill you at the beginning of the following month for the next month’s posts.

Seat will be reassigned if not paid in advance and you’d be asked if you wanted to go on the waiting list.

*typically 4 unique, researched posts and social promotions on your channels are $2975/month.