Learn from Madrid: Well intentioned friends still may require that you hire a professional.

Hopefully it won't be too late for you to hire a professional after you have asked your neighbor's son who visits twice a year to create your logo, website, or online presence.  Poor Madrid. Did you read the story about the fresco that was ruined by a well-intended woman in her 80s who volunteered to restore the fresco, "Ecce homo" of Jesus.  Tragic, but a perfect example of you get what you pay for.  Hard lesson, one that cannot be fixed.

Despite Good Intentions, a Fresco in Spain Is Ruined

(excerpt and image from the NY Times)

Ms. Giménez said she had worked on the fresco using a 10-year-old picture of it, but she eventually left Jesus with a half-beard and, some say, a monkeylike appearance. The fresco’s botched restoration came to light this month when descendants of the 19th-century artist, Elías García Martínez, proposed making a donation toward its upkeep.

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Site Re-launch: Laguna Woods Village

Laguna Woods Village 2012

The 55+ community of Laguna Woods Village still may be known by its former name, Leisure World in Laguna Woods, California. That’s a long story for another time. This active retirement community of 18,500+ residents boasts 200 clubs, five pools, six clubhouses, a theater and their own bus system. The community has been my client …

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Site redesign: City of La Habra, California

The City of La Habra has been my client since 2000.  We've been through a few redesigns over the years as technology and needs have expanded to include RSS, at-a-glance calendar, syndicated content and social media automation and tie-ins.  The site uses Commpro CMS.  They are quite fond of this CMS because it's easy every …

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Site Launch – Ribary & Associates – Tia Ribary

This morning the new tiaribary.com launched.  Tia and I met through Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon.  She worked miracles in my office, helped me think differently about organizing and was ready to revamp her website.  Actually, she was ready to blow it up and start over.  With the aid of Maggie Palmer's copywriting and my design/build …

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Perry Property Advisors – a new logo, new look.

Sc-ppawwwThis successful Newport Beach based broker had enough with the blue site and was ready to freshen the look. Time to lighten up and add a new logo. 

Matt Perry, owner of Perry Property Advisors, has been a client for a few years.  We've redesigned his site a couple of times since needs and focus have changed.  This latest says so much about Matt as a person to do business with through color and simplicity.

Since he hits the market from so many angles, we also reformatted his blog, twitter account, Constant Contact templates to carry through the new look.

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Putting Her Best Online Image Forward: Kay Hunter

Sc-kayhunter Kay Hunter has been a client for a few years.  She's an etiquette and personal image coach.  She realizes the value of her professional image.  For the past few years I've been asking, quietly, to redo her website.  She's put it off.  She's had me work on new photography for her corporate presentations. I'm even displaying good and bad dining etiquette in many shots.  I was so excited when she asked me to redesign her site.  Kay is a beautiful and classy person inside and out. I wanted her site to reflect her style.

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Anti-icky-poo design not stinky anymore.

Sc_aip Sometimes you have those clients that when you see them in caller ID, you something fun is about to happen.  So was the case when I spoke to the owner of Antiickypoo.com.  He knows enough HTML and Photoshop to muddle through, but was ready to freshen it up and get into this decade.  I'm still working on the cart refresh, but here's the main site.

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SmileCare Family Dentistry – Redesign and launch

Sc_smilecare2010 SmileCare has been a client for a few years.  It was time to completely toss the old design and not just "adjust it" for new needs and trends. 

The client really likes their back end content management system. It's easy for each department to maintain their content, make changes to dentists, locations and services.

This new design also allows quick changes to promotional campaigns.  Everyone is pleased with this fresh look to SmileCare.com

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Just Launched – MuranoAcoustics.us

Sc_murano_homeYou never know how connections, networking and quotes will end up.  This one has a happy ending.  Through one of my favorite networking organizations,  I was asked me to quote on a job for their client, Murano Acoustics. I saw their existing site and was happy they were ready to update their image to match the quality of their products and clients.  This just launched today. 

Read the rest of the story to see the before and learn more about the redesign.  Live site is here >>

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Just Relaunched – City of Brea, California http://www.cityofbrea.net

Sc_brea2010 I am so excited. The City of Brea, California has been a client of mine since 2000. This is the third redesign of their site.  We've incorporated a lot of social media elements, reorganized the navigation and site logic and freshened up the entire look by completely tossing out the old!

We all enjoyed the old look, but it was really time for a change.

Included in the redesign as a new template for their calendar to carry through the new colors.  They also use the Granicus system for their meeting agendas and minutes.  This also needed to be updated.

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