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Thrive on Stress and Deadlines – The Voice of Bold Business

Thank you, Jessica Dewell for having me on to talk with Howard about stress and how much power to give it – or not at all. I hope you all enjoy this episode.
Society tends to attach the word, “thrive” to stress and deadlines. This can be a difficult idea to accomplish and may even add unnecessary pressure. The Voice of Bold Business tells us we don’t actually have to conform to this norm, at least not in the way it “should” be.
There are various ways to perceive stress and the first step is to sit down, take the time to realize our real priorities, and set the tone of each day, week, month, and ultimately, life. Each moment can throw its own setbacks… Factor in external pressures such as family obligations, work tasks that keep us on track for the next promotion, and our own personal goals and we’ve got ourselves in a rising sea of tension, anxiety and hassle.
It is so important to set aside time to actively work on emotional management and setting intentions for our own structures and routines and we cover exactly how to get you back on track in this Radio Program with Jessica Dewell, Susan Finch and Howard Strauber.
This episode will help you understand the benefits and harms of stress, how to define your real priorities, the power of letting go, time management, morning routines, how to enhance your communication skills to your benefit, how to handle the urge to give up and much much more.
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Talented Friend Makes Greusome Zombie Cake

greusome zombie cake

My friend, Heidi hasn’t launched her business yet. She’s still “practicing” as she goes through the proper methods of starting a small business including meeting all FDA requirements, planning the perfect kitchen, business plan and marketing plan. I’ve learned so much about the process of what bakers, candy makers and the like go through when …

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Bryan L. Garrity, J.D., CDPE

  Bryan Garrity and I have known each other since Walker Junior High, in La Palma, California.  We became friends because we were both always in the same advanced classes, both the teachers' pets, both quite comfortable with public speaking and performing. What I always appreciated about Bryan was not only his biting sense of …

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Michael Stevens, Mid Century Italian Art Glass Expert

My friends and their businesses

Mike Stevens and I are what I call "forever friends."  We don't see each other regularly, we went for decades without talking, yet when I do see him or visit with him, I'm immediately comfortable.  We've reconnected on Facebook, and have known each other since we were five and six.  We grew up in the same neighborhood in La Palma, California.  Something I have always been able to say about Mike, he's NICE – just plain nice.  I don't recall he was ever mean to anyone, didn't cheat anyone – although he has a wicked sense of humor.  I trust him.

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Maggie Palmer – MKP Creative PR, Design, Marketing and more.

Maggie Palmer and I met through Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon (WEO).  We work in similar arenas; have similar, yet unique styles.  I respect Maggie's dedication to WEO, to her clients and her family.  She's a pleasure to collaborate with on any project.  She'll keep you focused, on target, and on budget.  She thinks outside the box and leaves you smiling when she's completed a project for you.

Maggie K. Palmer

A bit about Maggie's business, MKP Creative:

MKP Creative isn't a PR Agency, and it's not a design, ad, or marketing firm. It's a hybrid. Maggie Palmer – a writer, former television producer and marketing executive – started the Portland based company to give businesses an alternative to hiring big agencies, or paying for separate freelancers to do different aspects of marketing and PR. This creates a cohesiveness to marketing plans that doesn’t exist when you have too many people working separately, and hits the bottom line for your budget that’s difficult to attain when working with traditional agencies.

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Robin Searle – Colorado Springs Real Estate Broker


Robin Searle and I met in 1988 when we worked together at Roberts-Mealer-Emerson, an Orange County advertising agency.  She has always been a person of integrity, humor and joy.  She is passionate about any path she follows.  We reconnected on Facebook and she told me that she is a real estate broker in Colorado.  I asked her about her business and we had a great visit. She has the same enthusiam as she helps buyers in the Colorado Springs area find their next home or sellers as they want to change homes or move out of the area. Her real estate office is in Colorado Springs. She is with SellState Alliance in Colorado Springs representing buyers and sellers.

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