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Do you know the difference between JPG, GIF, PNG?

Images done right – What’s the difference? png? jpeg? gif?
It is hammered into your head that EVERY blog post, every article and update needs an image.
We know those posts generally get the most activity – but only if they are quality and interesting images. But what about the format of those images and graphics, especially when they need to be LARGE such as on Google+ and Pinterest? There are several formats for online images: jpg/jpeg, gif and the current favorite, png.
Instagram allows up to 1 minute marketing videos, Pinterest allows you to pin all images, some videos and animated graphics – but what makes the most sense to get your message out there?
What’s the difference?
How do we know which we want?
Can we simply rename an image?
What about saving as, a save as after saving as?
A copy of a copy of a copy – even digitally – begins to lose quality. We’ll give you tips on how to avoid that issue and keep your images as crisp, clear and lovely as possible.
Here is the link to Stackoverflows site, nicely describing differences: for crazy nerds, Google Developers “Image Optimization”:
Free programs to edit images:
PicMonkey, Canva
Apps to edit images on your phone or tablet:
A Beautiful Mess!, Photoshop Express, Canva
Tips highlighted:
Start with the largest possible image and use SAVE AS to create variations and other formats. Name them all the same at the front and add: _500-lowres, _1200-highres, etc. so when you sort them they stay in a group and are easier to find.
Just because you can animate things, doesn’t mean you should. Let’s go back to that gooey baby from 1992!
Comment from event attendee, Brian Shea:
For those going back to the old days of dial-up in the 90’s, keeping file size small was one of the most important lessons, as we had to upload those images via 28.8/56k.  So, we quickly understood and appreciated filesize.  When broadband came in, and digital cameras, all the new designers thought nothing of using photos directly out of the cameras.
Yes, I’ve seen 4mb files being used on websites.
Even for some old timers, they didn’t get the concept that even though ‘everyone’ has broadband, the images still need to be optimized.  It wasn’t until they got hit with major mobile data charges that they realized that filesize is not just about performance and speed. It’s also costly.

Tips to be a great online host or guest

We are talking with first, second and third generation HOA Hosts on the pitfalls and successes of HOA’s. Tune in as we dive into some of their best practices for HOA Hosts, Guests and, yes, even the Audience. There are checklists and tips to help you be the best interviewer and host, the best guest panelist as well as a great off-camera guest in the comment area. Some may surprise you, there may be a rant or two.

  1. Hosts, once you have your date set (at least two weeks in advance if you can) Prep your guest and check their equipment.
  2. Make a list of points you want to cover and share it with them so they know the direction. Gives you material for pre-show promo posts, too.
  3. If you have technical difficulties and have to pop out and back in, or arrive late, do NOT draw attention to yourself. Just come in quietly and slip into the conversation.
  4. Hosts – Be sure to promote the show and give your guests instructions and expectations about promoting the show, as well. Make it EASY for them.
  5. Hosts, if you have guests who have never met, have a meet and greet to increase show chemistry.
  6. Dead air and pauses are OK! Hosts don’t have to fill in with “likes, ums, etc.” Let the show breathe a bit.

Meet Our Panel!
+Mia Voss – Founder and HOA Host of +The Mia Connect & Co-Host of+The Food & Booze Show 
+Chef Dennis Littley – Founder and HOA Host of GoodDay Google+, Co-Host of +The Food & Booze Show Co-Host of Around the Kitchen Table
+Susan Finch – Co-Host of the summer series If I had a Nickel & Co-Host of Geekspeak Guides & Co-Host of +Those 4 Girls
+Yvonne Heimann – Co-Host of Geekspeak Guides & Co-Host of+Those 4 Girls 
+Jessica Dewell – Co-Host of +Jess + Scott + You, Co-Host of +Those 4 Girls & Co-Host of the upcoming show It’s Your Business