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Sometimes it’s simply about connecting.

I'm the proud member of a couple of professional women's organizations. I've also recently attended one of those "one person from each type of field" groups where the topic was managing time and measuring the effectiveness of your networking time.  I almost felt dirty after attending.  I feel a bit used like a bottle of rum that's been passed around. The overall feeling is that they were evaluating, "What can she do for me? How can I make the most of her talents – usually without paying for them?"

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Missing the office, but I found a solution – The Power MOB

As a member of two amazing professional women's organizations:  Oregon WEO and ThePowerMOB, I'm able to engage in intelligent business conversations with a variety of women from endless experiences.  This is a gift I receive as a member. Two meetings a year are worth the price of membership!

As a work from home professional, isolation is a part of the day; nose to the screen and keyboard to plow through the day.  I rarely look at what's happening in the adjoining room until 3:30 or so, only to feast my eyes on total toy chaos and snack debris.  As a result I don't get a chance for a lot of face-to-face communication with my clients.  This is alright. I really enjoy my clients, but what I miss the most is the positive side of the "office."

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All members of South and North County PR and Marketing Group need to work in a different field.

Join South and North County PR and Marketing Group Saturday, December 12 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm when we work in Second Harvest of Orange County’s Incredible Edible Field.

Did you know that in Orange County, more than 456,000 people are at risk of going hungry sometime each month?

we can help. This year, our charity project is to help the Second
Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. We’re going to work in their
Incredible Edible Agricultural Field in Irvine.

This is going to
be fun, and a welcome change from your usual 9 to 5 gig! You can bring
friends and family, including children. If someone is willing to help,
they’re welcome to join us.  Learn more on their site >>

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Bink-A-Thon Season is HERE. Choose to make a difference

Colorlogo150dpi_smDid you know October 24 is National Make A Difference Day?  September 9 is National Hoop Day for hoola hoopers, but that's another topic.

During National Make a Difference Day, Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids celebrates by having their local chapters gather for the day to make as many blankets as possible. These blankets are then delivered to children in need of comfort. Those who are ill, abused, experiencing trauma, binky angels who never get to come home – they all get binkies.

In the Portland/Beaverton, Oregon area, we are gathering on my daughter's birthday – Saturday,October 10 from 9 – 3 to sew as many binkies as possible for local area shelters and make the hand-tied fleece binkies.  If you can barely sew, have a machine, want to donate fleece or want to help, please let us know via email: Learn more on the Binky Patrol webiste >>

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The orange gets to concentrate on being juicy.

I couldn't help the pun.  I have returned from am AMAZING evening with Jan Black.  What?  You've never heard of Jan Black?  No, no, no, that's LEWIS Black. Jan Black is a nationally acclaimed author who inspires people to discover:

THAT ZING YOU DO: A Shortcut to Clarity About Your Purpose and Context
Tonight, our WEO members had a mini-workshop over a fabulous dinner at Kell's downtown.  She opened with an example of two oranges – one out in the open and one in a bag – pretending to be a bag.  Pretty tough.  The orange that was out in the open knew it was an orange…. it was able to — CONCENTRATE (get it, orange – concentrate) on being JUICY – that's its talent, what it is all the way through.

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WEO Event, and all I took away was an organic maxi-pad.

Barb – the NEW person – Barb – not me – WON a prize. She has a pretty bag with goodies in it.
Me? Me – what did I get. So glad you asked. I got a goodie bag; the same one anyone could get from the organic max-pad distributor, Winalite. I really wanted the bottle of wine, free earrings, Quickbooks 2009 – but nooooo. I have my little package of feminine hygiene products. Better than a stick in the eye.

Mom Shop 2 – Mamapreneur’s Expo Event

This was a professional event I volunteered at today.  It was beautifully organized and a great venue for mom business owners.  Mamapreneurs is a professional organization for moms who own businesses to plan, connect and grow their businesses.  With the nature of my business, I didn't have a booth. This was more geared towards those with products and services specifically for families with younger children.  I'm so glad I volunteered.

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Proud Member of These Organizations

WEO – Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon Women Entrepreneur’s of Oregon is a women’s support and networking organization providing opportunities for women in business to connect and grow. As an affiliate organization to the Small Business Administration, WEO’s mission is to provide tools for success for women in business. Sales Leads Management Association The Sales Lead …

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