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Voiceover Work

Buying a HUD home from Audubon Realty

I appreciate every project we are given. Some, like this, are a bit of a challenge and a joy to complete! A few clients of mine are HUD authorized in their real estate market. This requires that they have public education materials on their sites. This 96 slide presentation needed to be read verbatim, with …

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KSP Marketing

KSP Marketing

New marketing professional that wanted a clean logo to simply state what she does. She specialized in social media strategies, posts and outreach. She was surprised how painless the process was and went with the first idea. Can’t wait to watch her grow.

HeartSmart Collateral

HeartSmart needed a new brochure that was more current then their sterile, dated, previous version. They were already using the two images with people, but didn’t like the rest of the layout and wanted to bring red into everything. In addition to creating this brochure, we also updated their logo, tradeshow pieces and created a …

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Prime Location Realty

Michelle had no real branding and she knew what she wanted – as far as her target market and perceived value. We worked together on colors, feeling, impact. She’s thrilled! She even used the logo on her door, which made me VERY happy. We have wrangled her social profiles, pages and more and updated them …

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Responsive Update: SDIPLA


We built this site a few years ago in WordPress. It’s been lovely, but as happens with themes, the theme is no longer supported with updates, nor was it responsive. Time for a change. The need to incorporate PayPal RSVP buttons for their events. Nothing elaborate, but that is their major call to action and …

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