Coffee Cup’s Sitemapper, almost perfect for my needs.

This site is one that I have high ranking priveliges and a login for the front and back end. When I ran Coffee Cup's Sitemapper - just the scan tool - I was not logged into this site. I did not have anything open to the site. Yet, the sitemapper tool ran through the entire site with the highest login privileges. Within the templates was a flaw in the form of a one click delete link in the forums.

Have I told you lately, that I love you?

Ahh, Valentine's Day approaches. Who needs Hallmark when we have the Internet? We can tell some of those around us how we feel, quickly, for free and then move on with our day. I'm not talking about your main squeeze, children and best friends; I'm talking about those we encounter each day in our lives. These include the grocer, dentist, hair salon, gas station, restaurants, coffee houses. Tell them how you feel the best way you can - REVIEW their businesses for the world to see!

The orange gets to concentrate on being juicy.

I couldn't help the pun. I have returned from am AMAZING evening with Jan Black. What? You've never heard of Jan Black? No, no, no, that's LEWIS Black. Jan Black is a nationally acclaimed author who inspires people to discover: THAT ZING YOU DO: A Shortcut to Clarity About Your Purpose and Context Tonight, our WEO members had a mini-workshop over a fabulous dinner at Kell's downtown. She opened with an example of two oranges - one out in the open and one in a bag - pretending to be a bag. Pretty tough. The orange that was out in the open knew it was an orange.... it was able to -- CONCENTRATE (get it, orange - concentrate) on being JUICY - that's its talent, what it is all the way through.

Review of MURA CMS and FCKEditor

Sc_cbtechinc I launched a site this morning.It is a site that I created with CBTechInc's taff using a CMS of their choice: Mura. It's a PHP/MySQL/Cold Fusion based system that is free. I like most of the software. The WYSIWYG editor needs some tweaking. Mura incorporates FCKEditor and it has known bugs that no one seems to fix. The FCK Editor issues lie in the fact it removes code, adds in

tags where you didn't ask for them and makes other decisiosn for you. It is also lacking an image resizer tool, so the end user clients have to either resize their images using Photoshop Elements or similiar or loading HUGE images and squishing them down to distortion, killing the load time of a page.