Drip Campaigns with Your Content You Already Have

Do you send out announcements to your lists? Why not turn that into an article on your site right after? Seems like a no-brainer but it’s a step a lot of companies forget.

Have a list for newsletters? What about the time in between or when you forget to write your monthly or bi-monthly newsletter? This is where DRIP campaigns come in. I can help you create evergreen content – one topic per email that will go out to your list depending when they signed up. You can have different forms to feed into the same list, different campaigns with different tone of messages. Perhaps you have a few client groups and want something that appeals specifically to each one. You can do that, too and it’s all automated once it’s in place.

If you have a list already, but not much happens with it, I can review it, make recommendations and you can have me implement them, or take the ideas to your in-house team to put in place.

This is a great way to bring life back to prior webinars, podcasts, blog posts that you’ve recently updated or update regularly.

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