I’m so glad you clicked on my bio. Special gift just for you “in the know” visitors. If you are a business and are awesome at Instagram but want to up your game a bit, here’s the offer:

For just $150

We will visit your Instagram account and your business website, assess your followers, your existing posts and help you by creating a few templates to carry through your branding for your photos, or highlights – a consistent, branded look. You can do the rest (or we can help).

of your Instagram posts make you stand out!

We will create a landing page on your website or help you design one yourself just for your Instagram bio clicking folks. Don’t take them to your home page – take them to something just for them!

*We also create ad campaigns for Instagram, Facebook and Google. 

Contact me, Susan Finch, susan@susanfinch.com or DM me through Instagram. We’ll get you on the calendar.

Recent Podcast – does your voice annoy people so much they don’t hear your message?

Get tips from vocal and dialect coach, my friend, Susan E Finch from New York:

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