This was a process. I know Yvonne Heimann pretty well. We co-host the Geekspeak Guides show on YouTube/iTunes/Stitcher. We co-host other shows, collaborate on client projects and more. The purpose of rebranding her was to take her to the next level in her business, without losing her spark. We ended up with the simpler green/blue logo with simple green “ask” bubble.

We created a version on black for her, banner ad templates, podcast templates and all social media graphics for every corner of the venues. While we were at it, we worked on her biography/mission statement to target her ideal customer quicker. 

She’s thrilled. This same logo is used throughout our Geekspeak Guides show graphics, as we co-brand with our own logos. 

I also created her business cards. She is VERY B2C oriented and loves meeting the local business owners by her. She develops most of her clients in person so putting her photo on her card was important to her – she’s also such a beautiful woman with that smile!