City of La HabraThe City of La Habra has been my client since 2000.  We've been through a few redesigns over the years as technology and needs have expanded to include RSS, at-a-glance calendar, syndicated content and social media automation and tie-ins.  The site uses Commpro CMS.  They are quite fond of this CMS because it's easy every time a new person comes on staff.  They can easily train them through the video library and there is no need to send someone away to an all-day or two-day seminar to learn how to update the website.  Commpro is available to answer questions whenever they call, crate customization reasonably and quickly and custom training videos as requested for typical tasks.  This makes our client happy.

This newest version of the City of La Habra's site includes more links to online services, as they have greatly expanded their offerings. 

There are fewer images in the template and a print friendly version to cut down on inks.  Below is the previous version.  'm looking forward to help them to continue to evolve to best serve the needs of their residents, visitors and businesses.