Dr. Raymond Frye is at it again.  We have his two sites:  Bling Dental and Icing Teeth Whitening.  Now he has developed a revolutionary toothbrush and is accepting preorders for – the Diamond!  It's gorgeous and has been a lot of fun to launch.

The final site is yet to come, this is just to get the ball rolling and the ability to pre-order a $219 toothbrush for $89 up and running right away.  The client is pleased and we are all excited.  This campaign involves a blow in postcard to go with Icing30 orders and will also have an eblast to promote the presale launch.

When Dr. Raymond has an idea, the sparkling snowball grows rather quickly, and it's always a success.  Its' his talent.  I'm so happy to be a part of his ideas and creative process. He gives me the freedom to come up with ideas and venues.  It allows our realtionship to succeed for the benefit of all involved.

Since the launch of this site, the toothbrush took off in such a big way – thanks to Groupon that they moved it to another company specializing in e-commerce sites. This design is now in the archives.