Juicebox ConsultingMindee Doney is known as the "Boogie Mom," not because of her dance moves but because she invented Boogie Wipes. I was with her at her kitchen table when she was asking a few of us to test out her new idea and the scent of these fantastic wipes that keep noses from hurting during cold season.

We've been in the same professional women's organizations for a few years.  When she was ready to start her next venture – juicebox consulting I was excited when she hired me as HER consultant to come up with marketing plan and to help her take care of her own needs. She's always been so willing to help people start their own ideas and test them out, she was forgetting to take care of Mindee.

This is a WordPress site.  We melded some great ideas, twisted a purchased template on its ears and made it 100% Mindee.

I'm excited to have helped her through this launch and will be happy to help her as she grows.

Have an idea?  Visit juiceboxconsulting.com to see if you have a great idea that is ready for the next step!