Laguna Woods Village 2012The 55+ community of Laguna Woods Village still may be known by its former name in Laguna Woods, California. That’s a long story for another time. This active retirement community of 18,500+ residents boasts 200 clubs, five pools, six clubhouses, a theater and their own bus system.

The community has been my client since 1996 and we’ve been through many versions of their website. “We” refers to Commpro, LLC – the hosting company, owner of the content management system for this site, and web solutions provider that I work with on this account.  I was employed by Commpro when we were all in California, near what was then another name.  I’ve been working on this account since 1996 with Commpro President, Greg Smith.

Here are some of the inceptions, thanks to the site.

If you haven’t tried that site before, it’s handy to look at previous versions of websites, track growth and have a laugh sometimes. I wince when I look at my old stuff.

Laguna Woods Village is very progressive and its boards and property management company, PCM, embrace new technology. They see it as a way to improve the lives of the residents, inform potential residents and be more efficient in communication. Laguna Woods Village also has its own television station: TV6 that’s just for residents of the community. They were ready for a more streamlined site with less clutter and images that better depicted their lifestyle. I’m grateful to them and to Commpro for allowing me to work with them on this site.

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