Microsoft Word - wysiwyg-user-guide-lwv.docx

Commpro’s CMS has recently upgraded to the most current version of CKEditor. There were a few dramatic changes that in some cases, would throw the 400+ users for a loop. It was decided that training videos be created to walk the users through each and every tool of the WYSIWYG editor. Even though the editor has a linked (?) tool with guides, these clients wanted better explanations without too much geekspeak.

This CMS by Commpro is one I have been working with since 1998. It has been customized and completely overhauled from where it began to add features to stay ahead of trends. The beauty of this CMS is how easy it is for users to add content without breaking their site. WordPress is a lot of fun – FOR DESIGNERS, but many end users end up VERY frustrated and disenchanted with that CMS and either don’t update the features on their sites, get their sites hacked or end up paying professionals to maintain simple content because the areas to edit are not intuitive, nor are there training materials to walk the admin users through their site admin.

Commpro boasts of heavy security to remove vulnerabilities to hacking and abuse. The users love the system. I enjoy how easy it is to customize and add new features into the SQL database.

I rewrote this manual with the specific client user groups in mind. I’ve worked with some of these clients for years. Some only a few. I’m familiar with their sites and needs to be able to tailor the guide and videos for them.

Microsoft Word - wysiwyg-user-guide-lwv.docxI also do online training classes in a group setting, in person from time to time and write manuals for many clients on procedures and proprietary software to save frustration and ongoing support costs. If you have procedures you need manuals for, tasks that many users need to know how to do, proprietary software, WordPress sites that you just can’t remember WHERE that widget, element, etc. are in the template – get a quote from me on creating a solution for you.

This manual took about 8 hours to write. The videos tool longer due to editing and we are adding more to the library. The client and users are VERY pleased. They enjoy the lightness in some areas to break up the dryness of ANY training materials.