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Blab Rant: Your contact page, it stinks!

B.L. Ochman and I dipped a toe into the new venue, to rant about contact pages, your footer, your top links. Make it easy for us to find you. Stop hiding your key people. If you are that inundated with spammy people begging for jobs, you must be doing well. HIRE someone part-time to vet these for you. Allow us to know you. What if we want to interview you? Give you free publicity? We need to know we have the “right you.”  Allow us to contact you immediately. Let us know where you will respond the quickest.

Original post with comments – few that there were.

What about mobile? Are you really going to make me fill out a form WITH CAPTCHA?  THAT is annoying. Do your forms work from mobile? Some do not. TEST THE EXPERIENCE. How easy is it to reach you? How easy is it to call you? Does your phone number actually link to dial from your mobile device? Does it link every place on your site the phone number is listed.

Brick and mortar, how about those hours, “directions here”, schedule service (phone). Don’t make it hard. Don’t make us dig and click.

PUT HUMAN faces to your contact list. Are you that secretive or ashamed that you don’t want to show your staff? Your key personnel – C space and department heads. How can we trust your company? You ask us to fill in forms, take our money, but you won’t give us a face? Hmmm. 

Google has changed how they display map listings. There is less information. You need to have it available.

Jessica Dewell joined us and she reminded us that we have more than one contact page. It’s not just on our websites. We have a contact page on every social media venue with our profiles. TEST the links, review periodically.

B.L. also reminds us to not be distracted while driving. PULL OVER. Multi-tasking is a myth. 

Contact you, but who are you? List your key team members.

A lot can be learned about a company by how they present their key team members, or if they present them on their website at all. Whether it is a “leadership” page such as this one on the NRBA‘s website or an extensive about us page with their mission, team members and partners easily accessible such as Leads360‘s page. Where it gets dicey and you are left wondering how much experience the leaders of this company have or who they are, how large is when there is no About Us, no Partners Page, nothing to give credibility as to why you should trust the humans behind the company. Something like this site – perhaps it’s alluding me, but I cannot find any name of a human on the site. No history. I would not trust this company – they are too elusive about who is involved. If all team members are in witness protection, then I can understand the need to withhold information such as names, ranks and serial numbers.

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