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Contact you, but who are you? List your key team members.

A lot can be learned about a company by how they present their key team members, or if they present them on their website at all. Whether it is a “leadership” page such as this one on the NRBA‘s website or an extensive about us page with their mission, team members and partners easily accessible such as Leads360‘s page. Where it gets dicey and you are left wondering how much experience the leaders of this company have or who they are, how large is when there is no About Us, no Partners Page, nothing to give credibility as to why you should trust the humans behind the company. Something like this site – perhaps it’s alluding me, but I cannot find any name of a human on the site. No history. I would not trust this company – they are too elusive about who is involved. If all team members are in witness protection, then I can understand the need to withhold information such as names, ranks and serial numbers.

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